Czech Republic is located in the center of Europe, a beautiful country having a rich history and an attractive destination for International students for abroad studies. The country has a very high standard of education and research.

Sharing its border with Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria, the country has three regions Bohemia, Moravia and a part of Silesia.

The Czech Republic is a Parliamentary democratic, it gives equal rights for all its
citizens and every citizen enjoys freedom of religion.


Courses Offered

Bachelor In Management

Bachelor In Supply Chain

Bachelor In Data Science

Bachelor In Data Analytics

Bachelor In Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor In Finance

Bachelor In Risk Management

Bachelor In Business Analytics

Bachelor In Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor In Automobile Engineering

Bachelor In Civil Engineering

Bachelor In Tourism

Bachelor In Culinary Arts

Bachelor In Film Studies

Bachelor In Fashion Designing

Bachelor In Interior Designing

Bachelor In Business Management

Bachelor In Economics

Bachelor In Global Governance

Bachelor In International Trade

Bachelor In International Business

Bachelor In Engineering Management

Bachelor In Project Management

Bachelor In Chemical Engineering Biotechnology

Bachelor In Bioinformatics

Bachelor In Medical

Bachelor In Health Management

Bachelor In Public Relations Public Health Administration

Bachelor In Nursing

Bachelor In Dentistry

Bachelor In Radiology

Bachelor In Food Technology

Bachelor In Sustanable Management

Bachelor In Environmental Science

Bachelor In Renewable Energy

Bachelor In Safety Engineering

Bachelor In Fire Technology

Bachelor In Petroleum Engineering

Bachelor In Construction Management

Bachelor In Logistics

Bachelor In Marine Technology

Bachelor In Port Management

Bachelor In International Relations

Bachelor In Doctoral

Bachelor In Accounting

Bachelor In Human Resource

Bachelor In Global Business

Bachelor In Entrepreneurship

Bachelor In Oil And Gas Exploration

Bachelor In Wind Turbine Technician

Bachelor In Computer Science

Bachelor In Information Technology

Bachelor In Gemology

Bachelor In Humanities

Bachelor In Geography

Bachelor In Political Science

Bachelor In Police Studies

Bachelor In Mass Communication

Bachelor In Theater Arts

Bachelor In Music Production

Bachelor In Video Production

Bachelor In Fintech

Bachelor In Game Design

Bachelor In Animation

Bachelor In Make Up Art

Bachelor In Beauty

Bachelor In Business Law

Bachelor In Corporate Law

Bachelor In Marketing

Bachelor In Digital Marketing

Bachelor In Technology Transfer Management

Bachelor In Financial Advisor

Bachelor In Commerce

Bachelor In Physics

Bachelor In Astrophysics

Bachelor In Aeronautical Science

Bachelor In Aerospace Engineering

Bachelor In Engineering Designs

Bachelor In Product Design

Bachelor In Script Writing

Bachelor In Creative Writing

Bachelor In Visual Effects

Bachelor In Visual Presentation

Bachelor In Sports Science

Bachelor In Physiotherapy

Bachelor In Psychology

Bachelor In Kinesiology

Bachelor In Sports Management

Bachelor In Physical Education

Bachelor In Early Childhood Education

Bachelor In Social Work

Bachelor In Community Support Worker

Bachelor In Applied Statistics, Biological Sciences, Mathematics

Bachelor In English

Bachelor In Child And Youth Care

Bachelor In Legal Studies

Bachelor In Agriculture

Bachelor In Cinematography

Bachelor In Photography

Bachelor In English Literature

Bachelor In Aviation

Bachelor In Engineering

Bachelor In Horticulture

Bachelor In Hotel Management

Bachelor In Journalism

Bachelor In Business Administration.

Bachelor In Medicine And Surgery.

Bachelor In Pharmacy

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      • Education is a heritage of Czech Republic, having a tradition of over six hundred years, it is maintaining its High quality of Education & Research in Engineering, Science and Medicine. Universities in Czech Republic offer wide range of interesting specializations with incomparable conception and long-standing reputations.Students from across the globe visit the country for short courses or to complete their education in various traditional and advance disciplines. More than 36000 international students are studying in Czech Republic and the numbers are growing as most of the programs are now been offered in English language. Czech Universities are very much active in International Associations and study programs conducted across other destinations.
  • Academic Requirement:
    • Minimum 45% in class 12th.

    IELTS Requirement:

    • Overall 5.5, with no band less than 5.0

    Student with IELTS 5.0 (4.5) can be given ELICOS of 10 weeks

    Tuition Fees:

    • Private institutions have different tuition fees, typically in the range of US$2,000-15,000 per year.


    • February, July & October

 There are several dozen public and private universities all over the Czech Republic, and many of them offer English-taught degree programmes. They have a very old tradition and a strong reputation all over the world. Charles University – the oldest in Central Europe – now enjoys a high ranking, thanks to it being one of the largest continuously operating universities in Europe.Here is a list of some excellent universities to attend in the Czech Republic:

In order to be eligible for admission to a degree in the Czech Republic, you need to have a recognised diploma from your previous cycle of study:

  • To apply to a Bachelor’s: you need a secondary school graduation certificate
  • To apply to a Master’s: you need a Bachelor’s diploma
  • To apply to a PhD: you need a Master’s diploma

What is important to note is that your diploma must be recognised by the Czech authorities, to which you have to submit an application for recognition of previous studies.

Apart from these basic admission requirements, you should expect a few specific ones, established by each university and programme, such as:

  • An entrance exam or interview (you might be able to have the interview on Skype)
  • Language proficiency proof
  • Letter of motivation
  • Portfolio
  • Statement of purpose
  • Sample of writing
  • A recently updated CV
  • Transcript of records

Once you cover the admission requirements, it’s time to start putting together your application file, including all the necessary documents mentioned above. Typically, you will upload them online on the programme website. However, in order to apply to a university in the Czech Republic, it is also necessary to send the documents by post.

Note that some universities perceive an application tax or an entrance exam fee which is typically about 20 EUR.

The public and state institutions do not charge any Tuition Fees, in case the language of instruction is Czech. However they do charge Tuition Fees for studying in other foreign languages including English.
The private institutions are free to decide their own fee structure. The tuition fee depends on a particular program and the relevant institution of study.

Private institutions of higher education charge fees as per their own structure / guidelines. The tuition fees differ from 2,500-15,000 USD per year and the amount depends on the relevant institution and study program.

Accommodation Information

The easiest option is to stay in a student dormitory. At the time of the administrative registration, it is possible to make a reservation. The dormitories are not very expensive, about 80 euros per month for a room (however, foreign students receive no housing assistance in the Czech Republic).

The quality of these homes is very variable. Some are restored and therefore have new and modern infrastructure, while others are more austere. Students living in such homes often share a room or a studio equipped with a bathroom, toilets and a small kitchen.

Students can stay in Dormitories as they are less expensive. You will found wide range of verities of homes in Czech Republic. Some home you will found with the new infra-structure and some with old style.

• Student dormitory/month: around 150 USD
• Private room in a flat/month: from 200 USD
• Private flat/month: around 500 USD

Czech Republic Government Scholarships

  • The scholarship covers the necessary costs related to staying and studying in the Czech Republic. The scholarship amount is regularly amended.
  • Currently, the amount paid to students on a Bachelor’s, Master’s or follow-up Master’s study programme stands at CZK 14,000 per month
  • Whereas the amount paid to students of a Doctoral study programme stands at CZK 15,000 per month.

The above scholarship amounts include an amount designated for the payment of accommodation costs. Costs of accommodation, food, and public transport are covered by scholarship holders from the scholarship under the same conditions that apply to students who are citizens of the Czech Republic. Should health services exceeding standard care be required by the student, s/he shall cover them at his/her own cost.