Hallo! Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Norway may be just the place for you! With all sorts of natural wonders like fjords, glaciers, mountains, islands and forests, nature plays a central role in Norwegian life.

The public education system in Norway is one of the best in Europe, and you and your new friends will be academically challenged and encouraged. But Norwegians are sure to make time to enjoy the stunning outdoors and celebrate their classic european culture. Norwegian families often head for country cottages or cabins on weekends where they may enjoy skiing in the winter and a variety of outdoor activities during other seasons. The food in Norway comes from a long tradition of the Norwegian people as seafarers – so there will be lots of delicious fish! While you’re enjoying meals with friends, you won’t want to miss out on the Norwegian art and music scene! Norwegian movies, although not widespread outside the country, are not to be missed!

If an outdoorsy culture with an up and coming arts scene sounds like a good fit for you, then apply to study in Norway today!

Additional Information:

Visa Information

Information about visas will be provided upon enrollment. Students will need to apply for a residence permit before coming to Norway. To learn more about the process, you can refer to the Norwegian Embassy website.

Additional Costs

Students are responsible for covering fees including school-sponsored activities, textbooks, and school supplies. Students may need monthly passes for public transportation and are responsible for their transportation costs to school. Program tuition does not include personal spending money.


Courses Offered

Bachelor In Management

Bachelor In Supply Chain

Bachelor In Data Science

Bachelor In Data Analytics

Bachelor In Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor In Finance

Bachelor In Risk Management

Bachelor In Business Analytics

Bachelor In Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor In Automobile Engineering

Bachelor In Civil Engineering

Bachelor In Tourism

Bachelor In Culinary Arts

Bachelor In Film Studies

Bachelor In Fashion Designing

Bachelor In Interior Designing

Bachelor In Business Management

Bachelor In Economics

Bachelor In Global Governance

Bachelor In International Trade

Bachelor In International Business

Bachelor In Engineering Management

Bachelor In Project Management

Bachelor In Chemical Engineering Biotechnology

Bachelor In Bioinformatics

Bachelor In Medical

Bachelor In Health Management

Bachelor In Public Relations Public Health Administration

Bachelor In Nursing

Bachelor In Dentistry

Bachelor In Radiology

Bachelor In Food Technology

Bachelor In Sustanable Management

Bachelor In Environmental Science

Bachelor In Renewable Energy

Bachelor In Safety Engineering

Bachelor In Fire Technology

Bachelor In Petroleum Engineering

Bachelor In Construction Management

Bachelor In Logistics

Bachelor In Marine Technology

Bachelor In Port Management

Bachelor In International Relations

Bachelor In Doctoral

Bachelor In Accounting

Bachelor In Human Resource

Bachelor In Global Business

Bachelor In Entrepreneurship

Bachelor In Oil And Gas Exploration

Bachelor In Wind Turbine Technician

Bachelor In Computer Science

Bachelor In Information Technology

Bachelor In Gemology

Bachelor In Humanities

Bachelor In Geography

Bachelor In Political Science

Bachelor In Police Studies

Bachelor In Mass Communication

Bachelor In Theater Arts

Bachelor In Music Production

Bachelor In Video Production

Bachelor In Fintech

Bachelor In Game Design

Bachelor In Animation

Bachelor In Make Up Art

Bachelor In Beauty

Bachelor In Business Law

Bachelor In Corporate Law

Bachelor In Marketing

Bachelor In Digital Marketing

Bachelor In Technology Transfer Management

Bachelor In Financial Advisor

Bachelor In Commerce

Bachelor In Physics

Bachelor In Astrophysics

Bachelor In Aeronautical Science

Bachelor In Aerospace Engineering

Bachelor In Engineering Designs

Bachelor In Product Design

Bachelor In Script Writing

Bachelor In Creative Writing

Bachelor In Visual Effects

Bachelor In Visual Presentation

Bachelor In Sports Science

Bachelor In Physiotherapy

Bachelor In Psychology

Bachelor In Kinesiology

Bachelor In Sports Management

Bachelor In Physical Education

Bachelor In Early Childhood Education

Bachelor In Social Work

Bachelor In Community Support Worker

Bachelor In Applied Statistics, Biological Sciences, Mathematics

Bachelor In English

Bachelor In Child And Youth Care

Bachelor In Legal Studies

Bachelor In Agriculture

Bachelor In Cinematography

Bachelor In Photography

Bachelor In English Literature

Bachelor In Aviation

Bachelor In Engineering

Bachelor In Horticulture

Bachelor In Hotel Management

Bachelor In Journalism

Bachelor In Business Administration.

Bachelor In Medicine And Surgery.

Bachelor In Pharmacy

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People from all over the world are faced with changes that happen to the environment on a daily basis. These changes and choices that are faced help giving an impetus to certain fields of studies. One of these fields is that of Engineering. In fact, these fields of study have multiple facets that have implications in all the facts of life and the solutions that are researched and discovered prove fruitful in the long term.

Students who are interested in this aspect of the study will be in a better position when they have the answer to the pressing questions when it comes to study engineering in Norway.

  • Whether it is a course in civil engineering or marine engineering or also environmental engineering, students will be pleased to know that there is a Norwegian university that offers a course in that field of study. There are courses that help students to specialize in certain aspects that are covered as an overall subject elsewhere.
  • A common query from any student of engineering is whether he will get a degree that is recognized in other parts of the world. Norwegian degrees in engineering are accepted as the best in the world and lend a greater degree of credibility to the student.
  • Another important aspect that worries many students is of the language barrier. However, it will be heartening to them to know that a majority of the courses that they pursue when they will study engineering in Norway are offered in English.
  • Apart from the numerous choices that students have in the colleges and the courses in engineering, a Norway university worth its salt does provide help to students when they have to take a break from studying providing them with information about getting around in Norway where they can enjoy their off time.
With the above points in mind, students will not find it difficult to get their degrees in the field of engineering studies and which in turn can help them to stand head and shoulders above their peers when they start working and designing solutions in their respective fields of engineering expertise.

The Kingdom of Norway provides the truly unique educational experience to all international students who come abroad. Moreover, they receive not only specializations according to their preferences, but also have an opportunity to take part in dynamic outdoor activities, have fun at cultural epicenters of student cities and just live in the stunning environment.

It’s worth remembering, that even if you have a chance to study for free in Norway, you still have to pay for living in a country that is quite expensive. But for this money, you get very high standards of living. Furthermore, students are permitted to have a free healthcare if they’re staying in Norway for more than 3 months. Also, there are special discounts for international students, especially in the student-focused places: from public transport to leisure activities.


Foreign students from outside the EU are allowed to work for about 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during breaks. There is an excellent opportunity for international students from developing nations to win a scholarship. The level of competition is immense, so it’s better to apply for it as earlier as possible if you want to become one of the 1,100 lucky winners that are awarded by Norwegian government each year.

 List of Universities and Colleges in Norway:

  1. BI Norwegian Business School
  2. Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
  3. MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society
  4. Molde University College – Specialized University in Logistics (HiMolde)
  5. NLA University College
  6. Nord University
  7. Norwegian Academy of Music
  8. Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)
  9. Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)
  10. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  11. Oslo School of Architecture and Design
  12. OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
  13. University of Agder
  14. University of Bergen
  15. University of Oslo
  16. University of South-Eastern Norway
  17. University of Stavanger
  18. University of Tromsø
  19. VID Specialized University
  20. Volda University College
  21. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
  22. Østfold University College

General application documents

The list of general application documents is pretty straightforward. A student has to present:

  • An undergraduate/Bachelor’s degree or equivalent of at least 3 years of study (it must include courses equal to at least 1/2 years of full-time studies in a subject relevant to the programme you applied for)
  • An English proficiency test

Specific entry requirements

Now we’re talking!

Norway has the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT), which sets the minimum requirements that depend on each student’s home country. You should see the GSU-list, the Norwegian database for country-specific information.

For instance:

  • Indian students require an English test and two other certificates that prove university education.
  • Nigerian students don’t require an English test, but require Senior School Certificates in 6 subjects (obligatory English, Mathematics and Science), with 1 other certificate.
  • South African students only need a National Senior Certificate.
  • American students must present High School Graduation Diploma + 1 year university / college studies in academic subjects or 3 Advanced Placement Tests with at least grade 3.
  • English students need a General Certificate of Education with at least 3 A Levels or Cambridge Pre-U Diploma (3 Principal Subjects + Global Perspective and Research) or a combination of A Levels and Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects in 3 different subjects.

Also, the “each with its own” rule reappears here, as well, so always check programmes for additional requirements.

Program & Tuition

Fall Year: $13,995
Fall Semester: $11,995

Applications for tuition based programs must be submitted by October 1 for winter/spring departure programs and March 15 for summer and fall. Applications submitted after this date will be considered on a case by case basis depending upon availability.

Scholarships Available

YFU USA is proud to send over 200 American students on cultural exchange with a full or partial scholarship each year. Financial assistance may be in the form of a merit-based scholarship, needs-based financial aid, or Legacy Grant for students who are previously involved in the YFU Community. Scholarships may vary in deadline, requirements, and eligibility. To learn more, please visit our Scholarships Page to find details on the following scholarships eligible for Norway:

Holcomb &Farnell Foreign Study Fund
YFU Legacy Grant
YFU Financial Aid Fund