Guten tag, bonjour, ciao! Sweden is a land of many languages, so take your pick on how you’d like to say hello! The Swedish outdoors – with its breathtaking Alps, wildflowers, and crystal-blue lakes – seem to be straight out of a storybook. Hike along the country’s snow-peaked mountains in the summer and hear the sound of cowbells lining its quaint walking paths.

Most Swedish speak French or German, but Italian and Romansh are also national languages. There are 10 million people in Sweden, of whom about 2 million are under the age of 18. Eighty-five percent of them live in cities. Sweden is a very multicultural country: 15 per cent of Swedish were born in another country, while about one in five children in Sweden has a family with roots in another country.

Additional Information:

Visa Information

Information regarding visas and other immigration processes will be provided upon enrollment. To learn more, please visit the Embassy website.

Additional Costs

Students are responsible for school fees like textbooks or class activities and any additional expenses related to materials and instruments needed for the Art or Music programs. Students can expect to take public transportation to school, and any transportation fees exceeding SEK 600 per month will be covered by YFU Sweden. Students are responsible for all costs related to obtaining a residence permit. Program tuition does not include personal spending money.

Important Notice

Exchange students in Sweden may not get transcripts of grades from their school, though some schools can provide a certificate.


Courses Offered

Bachelor In Management

Bachelor In Supply Chain

Bachelor In Data Science

Bachelor In Data Analytics

Bachelor In Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor In Finance

Bachelor In Risk Management

Bachelor In Business Analytics

Bachelor In Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor In Automobile Engineering

Bachelor In Civil Engineering

Bachelor In Tourism

Bachelor In Culinary Arts

Bachelor In Film Studies

Bachelor In Fashion Designing

Bachelor In Interior Designing

Bachelor In Business Management

Bachelor In Economics

Bachelor In Global Governance

Bachelor In International Trade

Bachelor In International Business

Bachelor In Engineering Management

Bachelor In Project Management

Bachelor In Chemical Engineering Biotechnology

Bachelor In Bioinformatics

Bachelor In Medical

Bachelor In Health Management

Bachelor In Public Relations Public Health Administration

Bachelor In Nursing

Bachelor In Dentistry

Bachelor In Radiology

Bachelor In Food Technology

Bachelor In Sustanable Management

Bachelor In Environmental Science

Bachelor In Renewable Energy

Bachelor In Safety Engineering

Bachelor In Fire Technology

Bachelor In Petroleum Engineering

Bachelor In Construction Management

Bachelor In Logistics

Bachelor In Marine Technology

Bachelor In Port Management

Bachelor In International Relations

Bachelor In Doctoral

Bachelor In Accounting

Bachelor In Human Resource

Bachelor In Global Business

Bachelor In Entrepreneurship

Bachelor In Oil And Gas Exploration

Bachelor In Wind Turbine Technician

Bachelor In Computer Science

Bachelor In Information Technology

Bachelor In Gemology

Bachelor In Humanities

Bachelor In Geography

Bachelor In Political Science

Bachelor In Police Studies

Bachelor In Mass Communication

Bachelor In Theater Arts

Bachelor In Music Production

Bachelor In Video Production

Bachelor In Fintech

Bachelor In Game Design

Bachelor In Animation

Bachelor In Make Up Art

Bachelor In Beauty

Bachelor In Business Law

Bachelor In Corporate Law

Bachelor In Marketing

Bachelor In Digital Marketing

Bachelor In Technology Transfer Management

Bachelor In Financial Advisor

Bachelor In Commerce

Bachelor In Physics

Bachelor In Astrophysics

Bachelor In Aeronautical Science

Bachelor In Aerospace Engineering

Bachelor In Engineering Designs

Bachelor In Product Design

Bachelor In Script Writing

Bachelor In Creative Writing

Bachelor In Visual Effects

Bachelor In Visual Presentation

Bachelor In Sports Science

Bachelor In Physiotherapy

Bachelor In Psychology

Bachelor In Kinesiology

Bachelor In Sports Management

Bachelor In Physical Education

Bachelor In Early Childhood Education

Bachelor In Social Work

Bachelor In Community Support Worker

Bachelor In Applied Statistics, Biological Sciences, Mathematics

Bachelor In English

Bachelor In Child And Youth Care

Bachelor In Legal Studies

Bachelor In Agriculture

Bachelor In Cinematography

Bachelor In Photography

Bachelor In English Literature

Bachelor In Aviation

Bachelor In Engineering

Bachelor In Horticulture

Bachelor In Hotel Management

Bachelor In Journalism

Bachelor In Business Administration.

Bachelor In Medicine And Surgery.

Bachelor In Pharmacy

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According to Statistics Sweden, 782 833 people in the year 2015 in Sweden were foreign citizens. They are very used to the fika culture: time to time coffee breaks that help you socialize with your coworkers and mates. They have a “Lagom” lifestyle that is similar to perfect. No little less, no little more.

Choose to study in Sweden, and you will find yourself in a nation which has always punched well above its weight. From being the center of an empire in the 17th century, to being the home and birthplace of the Nobel Prize, its influence has long spread well beyond its borders, despite the fact that its total population is no bigger than a large city. Swedish businesses such as Ikea and Volvo are known around the world, and its contributions to popular culture range from bouffant-haired 70s pop aristocrats ABBA to the groundbreaking films of director Ingmar Bergman.

Modern-day Sweden is known for its sense of social justice and fairness. It has the highest level of wealth equality in the world, one of the world’s lowest gender pay gaps, publically funded healthcare for all, and equal rights for homosexual and heterosexual couples. Add on striking northern European beauty, and free tuition for EU students (fees for non-EU students were introduced recently), and the appeal of studying in Sweden is pretty strong.

Swedish universities offer degree programmes according to the European standard. This includes bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programmes.

Bachelor’s programmes, also known as undergraduate programmes, take place after upper secondary school (high school) and are usually three years long (180 ECTS credits).

Master’s programmes, also known as graduate programmes, build upon the knowledge developed during bachelor’s-level studies and can be one or two years long (60 or 120 ECTS credits).

PhD programmes, also known as doctoral programmes, are research degrees involving several years of work toward a dissertation. The duration and setup of PhD programmes in Sweden vary between universities; see PhD programmes for more details.

Lund University

Lund University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Northern Europe, and ranks joint 78th in the world. With a large student body of 42,000, students make up almost half the population of the city of Lund, 20% of which are from outside Sweden. The university cooperates with 600 universities in over 70 countries, both in research and in student exchange programs such as Erasmus.

KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

KTH is Sweden’s largest, oldest and most international polytechnic university and considered one of the best in Europe. Located in the capital, Stockholm, it currently ranks joint 98th in the world, provides a third of Sweden’s research and engineering education, and has consistently ranked as one of the top 40 universities for engineering and technology subjects.

Uppsala University

Founded in 1477, Uppsala University is the oldest university in both Sweden and all the Nordic countries. It ranks 112th in the QS World University Rankings 2018 and has 43,591 students enrolled. The university’s long history of prestigious education makes it a member of the Coimbra Group, an association of longstanding institutions of a high international standard.

Chalmers University of Technology

Located in Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology is another very strong polytechnic university, ranked 133rd in the world overall and within the top 100 for engineering and technology subjects. Over a third of students enrolled on master’s programs at Chalmers are international, which may be partly due to the fact all master’s courses are taught in English.

Stockholm University

Stockholm University is the Swedish capital’s state university and is currently ranked joint 195th in the world. It’s one of Scandinavia’s largest universities, educating more than 70,000 students in four faculties. Stockholm University offers many programs in English and is currently ranked within the top 100 universities in the world for arts and humanities.

Other internationally ranked universities in Sweden include the University of Gothenburg (ranked joint 283rd), Linköping University (joint 287th) and Umeå University (338th). In addition, Sweden is home to a number of prestigious specialized institutions, including the medical-focused Karolinska Institute.

Another specialist institution is the Stockholm School of Economics, which offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate business degrees and boasts a worldwide network of over 20,000 alumni.

Bachelor Degrees

In order to meet the general entry requirements for bachelor’s level studies, all students must:

  • have successfully completed their upper secondary (high school) education (post-16).
  • be able to demonstrate proficiency in English. The entry requirement for studies at the bachelor’s level in Sweden is the equivalent of the Swedish upper secondary course English 6/English B. See English Language Requirements.

For students who received their final school grades after 31 December 2009, there is an additional entry requirement for mathematics as follows:

  • The student must have successfully completed courses in mathematics to reach the level of the Swedish courses Mathematics 1a, 1b or 1c / Mathematics A (approximately 10 years of mathematics studies).


Upper secondary school and university qualifications

If you have previous university studies, you must submit your upper secondary (high school) qualifications in addition to your university qualifications. For some courses and programs, students are only offered places based on their upper secondary qualifications and NOT on their university qualifications.

Master Degrees

To meet the entry requirements for master’s level (second cycle or graduate) studies, you must:

  • have been awarded a Bachelor’s degree (equivalent to a Swedish Candidate) from an internationally recognized university.
  • be able to demonstrate proficiency in English. You can do this by means of an internationally recognized test, such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc. Previous upper secondary studies or university studies completed in some countries can also meet the requirement. Check the website of the university where you would like to study for more information about language requirements as they determine what level is required for Master’s course and program.


PhD Programs

Generally speaking, to be admitted to a PhD program, you must:

  • Hold a university degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or higher with a focus in the same subject as the intended field of study. In most cases, a master’s degree is required. Previous studies must have included a degree thesis presenting the results of independent research.
  • Have a good command of English. Skills in Swedish are also important in some subjects where lectures and seminars are conducted in Swedish.

Further specific admission requirements are set by the department that has advertised the position.

Programs & Tuition

Fall Year: $12,995
Fall Year Music: $13,995
Fall Semester: $11,995
Fall Semester Music: $12,995

Applications for tuition based programs must be submitted by October 1 for winter/spring departure programs and March 15 for summer and fall. Applications submitted after this date will be considered on a case by case basis depending upon availability.

Scholarships Available

YFU USA is proud to send over 200 American students on cultural exchange with a full or partial scholarship each year. Financial assistance may be in the form of a merit-based scholarship, needs-based financial aid, or Legacy Grant for students who are previously involved in the YFU Community. Scholarships may vary in deadline, requirements, and eligibility. To learn more, please visit our Scholarships Page to find details on the following scholarships eligible for Sweden:

Holcomb &Farnell Foreign Study Fund
YFU Legacy Grant
YFU Financial Aid Fund