Altogether with aiming to higher score, selection of the right institute is equally cardinal. We, at Renascence give you a platform to materialize your plans. We prepare meaningful curriculum for the students. The idea is to spend time only on the relevant course. Moreover, we adhere to the globally accepted standard of teaching, our trainers undergoes sessions of simulating teaching, enabling them to understand various methods and techniques that can be used to cater to individual needs of students. Altogether with it, every member in Renascence is a professional and is well experienced in this sector and the team is managed by Mrs. Diksha Pal who is, M.Phil. in English Literature, British Council Certified Trainer and DAVV Examiner.

Generally people prefer to study in UK,USA, Australia, Newzealand ,Canada ,Singapore, Germany, Ireland, Dubai for higher education. All these countries provide them a cosmopolitan culture and a huge global exposure where they can shape their career upto the desired hights.

Yes, there are many affordable courses offered by well recognized universities. In addition to this, the long-term impact of studying abroad is on a student's personal, professional, and academic life, which shows that studying abroad influences the career path, world-view, and self-confidence of students. Employers value prospective candidates with international experience, foreign language skills, and the ability to communicate across cultures. If you are interested in pursuing a career in international relations, diplomacy, or government, these skills will be especially useful. Use your experience of studying abroad to expand your set of abilities, and make these a determining factor that will separate you from the others in a pool of applicants.

Following documents are required to start with the application process.

  • 10th , 12th and graduation mark sheets (for post graduate courses).
  • Degree certificate/ Provisional degree certificate.
  • One academic reference letter and one employment reference letter.
  • Work Experience certificate (if required).
  • SOP (Statement Of Purpose).
  • LOR (Letter of Recommendation).

Yes, we do all the required arrangements to meet student's requirements. Our widespread Network in all the countries help students to get adjusted comfortably on arrival to a new land.We also provide students all the services related to Forex , Travel Insurance and Medical Insurance, Air Ticketing and pre-departure briefing which give the students an overview for the initial personal and financial management in the foreign country.

We try and understand every student's needs on an individual basis and thus customize the syllabus accordingly. We keep a track of each student's progress and thus make changes into the teaching to ensure success. If required we also conduct remedial coaching for the slow learners for their enrichment.

It is mandatory to take IELTS /TOEFL/ PTE/SAT if you want to go to countries like USA, UK,Australia,Canada,Singapore,NZ,Ireland,Germany for higher education. Students need to pay utmost attention towards this area. Renascence has designed few specific tricks and techniques to Achieve desired scores in these exams that fetched us the best outcomes from the students.

This is strictly/ partly depend on individual, to prepare for IELTS a person needs to have formal training in English plus determination in attaining his goal of learning the language. At Renascence, we provide rigors training for IELTS. When our students find themselves stuck in particular questions, they do not have to wait until their next class to get help – personal assistance from the faculty is available on a one-to-one basis. Moreover, we provide students practice material of their own. The student module contains varied grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary exercises to help brush up English before the actual IELTS teaching takes place. The module is self sufficient, besides the teachers' assistance, in providing students ample solved answers and exercises for further practice. In addition to it, we conduct 10 mock tests before examination, We encourage them and track their improvements. However, one also needs to do his part – that is to put whatever one has learned into practice.

Yes we do cater our registered students with online assistance for IELTS / TOEFL /GRE that is a unique option distant students can opt for.

We have devised an extensive practice material for Functional grammar and vocabulary . The student module contains varied grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary exercises to help brush up their English. We regularly conduct remedial grammar classes for the slow learners for their enrichment.


The foreign admission process is time consuming. If you send your documents well before the deadlines, it can only benefit you. You will have better chances of getting admission as well as get priority for housing, bursaries and even Scholarships. For UK admissions start your application process at least 3 months prior to the intake date. For New Zealand, start the application process at least 4 months prior to the intake date. For Canada, start your application process at least 6 months prior to the intake date. For Singapore, start your application process at least 3-4 months prior to the intake date.

In Renascence we understand the constrains of students, hence for certain batches the classes are held twice a day, so the student can attend any of the two sessions depending on the time that suits him/her on that day.

Yes, we give coaching for communicative English , in addition to it, we assist for various International certification program like iTEP, BEC and PTE that can make the student's folder very sound which help them for the Campus recruitment program.

We have designed unique package for English learners that includes Phonetics, Extempore Speech, G.D./P.I., Advanced Vocabulary, Advanced Grammar, Creative writing, Mock Interviews, Public Speech, Personality Development sessions , Seminars, Telephonic Conversation, Resume Preparation, Etiquettes and Mannerism, British and American tones and accents via A/V means.